60 Days and Counting

September 3, 2009

To some, it has been 8 years, to others, only a few months. It is funny how time always seems to be the one variable that has a different meaning for everyone based upon the interpretations of their experiences. AQUAGOLD is probably best described as a long-time project. With time… We carry the burden from the past to the future. With time… Things might not seem to change fast enough. With time… To some, everything can and will always look the same. Unequivocally, time is the one thing that I can say without a doubt, will change the world. In many ways, time is also the one factor we think we have control of, but really don’t.

I have had the pleasure of being CEO of AQUAGOLD now for 60 days. In these 60 days, I have tried to bring the focus from the 4 years of history to a more current time frame. We have had more activity in the efforts of the company with the infusion of our new team members then we have had in the past 4 years. So, I look forward to how time will change this company, with the help of a solid, unified team.

As CEO, my duties are to the shareholders, our clients and our team. I carry the burden of this company, all 4 years in the making. It is my responsibility to lead this company to achieve our goals. As CEO, I must set the standards high so that we can impeach any attempt to discredit our team based on the history of others. I look forward to each success so that in time all will see the company that AQUAGOLD will become.

In the next few months, we have our task clearly defined for us. Our company has to continue together as a team and get ready for the amount of business that will be actualized. Many people have come to me and have made suggestions as to how we can handle the next few weeks.  Although important, we believe it is not where 100% of our focus should go.  It is like the analogy of walking along on a railroad track.  If you stare at your feet too long without looking to the horizon you are certain to fall. Rest assured I am focusing on the horizon. I will not lose focus with the excitement of our short-term objectives. I am planning for the next few years. That is what I see.

I would like to publicly thank each and every member of the AQUAGOLD team for their tireless efforts in the past 60 days. Together we can build this first-class business in time.

Thank you all for your timeless effort.

Domingo M. Silvas III
AQUAGOLD International Inc.


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